Our Story

Every story starts somewhere. We’re Matt and Taylor and we both grew up in Alexandria Bay where we first started dating in high school. Since then, we have been inseparable. We grew up loving the St. Lawrence River and all that surrounded it. We both remember coming to Syracuse as kids and it was always such a treat to visit the Carousel Mall! When we both graduated from college we moved to Syracuse and fell in love with everything it had to offer. 

One thing we love to do is travel together. Whenever we go to another city, we always find an apparel store that is focused on city pride and we always think its so cool. It made us realize that we can do this same thing in Syracuse. Syracuse is such a beautiful city and it has so much to offer. Since we moved here, so many positive things have happened and we know the sky is the limit here.

This is why we came up with SYR Clothing Co. We think city pride is contagious and what better way to rep your city than through unique clothing designs. 

Our goal is for people to throw on a piece of clothing that reads "SYR" or "Salt City" and wear it proudly as they explore the world.


Our Mission

Increase the sense of pride in Syracuse by giving people a way to rep the city through clothing designs that are inspired by all the great things the Salt City has to offer while also giving back to the community.

Our Promise

To have unique, creative designs on high-quality products.


Places we've been featured:

Spectrum News Article: https://spectrumlocalnews.com/nys/central-ny/news/2019/11/24/-stronger-than-graffiti--clothing-line


LocalSYR.com Article: https://www.localsyr.com/bridge-street/dress-in-salt-city-inspired-styles-from-syracuse-clothing-co/


CNYCentral.com article: https://cnycentral.com/news/local/syracuse-online-clothing-company-launches-focused-on-city-pride

Syracuse.com article on Wyatt Weil and our involvement: https://www.syracuse.com/highschoolsports/2020/01/hockey-family-rallies-around-former-player-diagnosed-with-leukemia-while-in-marines.html Rome Sentinel article on our partnership with Clear Path for Veterans: https://romesentinel.com/stories/clear-path-for-vets-clothing-companys-nonprofit-of-month,90086

Madison County Courier article on our partnership with Clear Path for Veterans: https://madisoncountycourier.com/?p=110573

Newhouse Communications Center (NCC) article on our partnership with the Rescue Mission: https://nccnews.newhouse.syr.edu/new-clothing-company-partners-with-syracuse-rescue-mission/